Greenhouse by Joost

@Greenhouse Cafe

An Australian first in sustainable design by Joost Bakker of Joost.

Greenhouse by Joost, or “Greenhouse Cafe” (as heard on the street) is a temporarily cafe/exhibition space built into the Flinders St entrance of Federation Square, Melbourne.

The food is simple fare with a twist. Sourcing local produce for its menu, organic free range eggs and toast are served on wooden boards with recyclable wooden cutlery, coffee is served in re-purposed glass jars, old wine bottoms have been sliced off for beer jugs and it even has a greenwall with its own herb garden!


Soldier toast and Eggs


The cafe serves as a experimental yet functional space for sustainable design from its construction to the food it serves. The actual space is built entirely of recycled and recyclable materials such as lightweight steel frame bolted construction, hay walls for insulation and recycled wine crates have been used as furniture.

Greenhouse Cafe

Greenhouse Cafe is a temporary space that will only last during Spring and Summer 08/09, so if your in Melbourne then, go visit and catch up with friends before it becomes recycled.

@Greenhouse Cafe

Greenhouse Cafe

When and Where?

Now to 29th January 2009
7am to 11pm daily
For entry after 4pm become a member at the door

Federation Square
Next door to ACMI
Flinders Street, Melbourne


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  1. art makes man social

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