Erwin Hauer’s Interior Sculptures

Amazing stuff, even more amazing after you figured that Erwin Hauer did this without computers in the 1950s



via Daily Icon

*doesn’t this remind you of Toyo Ito’s latest project? Taichung Metropolitan Opera House with its continous surfaces?

Special thanks to Dr Shinya Okuda, my current tutor in the Digital Fabrication Studio.

Computer modelling, laser printers, CNC machines, 3D Printers, chillax studiomates!
Can a nerd ask for more?? This semester is going to be mighty exciting!


4 responses to “Erwin Hauer’s Interior Sculptures

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  2. Hi! I graduated from NUS a few years back, now in LA. Looking at the stuff on your blog, seems like NUS’s really catching up with some of the schools out there. Great to see, hope to know more about what’s happening back in NUS. btw, we have CNC milling n 3D printers now? nice…….

  3. cokeforbreakfast

    hi jeff! your working in a practise in LA now? yeah we do, actually we had a for awhle now, its just that we just started a studio that really looks into digital technologies (FINALLY). We’re going to get more mills and 3d printers soon, so look forward to more exciting works

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