Happy Niu Year!

To everyone:
Happy year of the lunar new year of the chinese new year COW
Smell my lense


5 responses to “Happy Niu Year!

  1. I wish you a happy new year, with good health, joy and many blogreaders :-)

  2. there are uncanny similarities between your posts and angmoh’s. you two are so in love. pffft.

  3. cokeforbreakfast

    hey thanks giid! happy new year to you too!

    prawn: jelesiiiii, turning saints into the sea
    Swimming through sick lullabies

  4. thomaswongpz

    Together forever and never to part
    Together forever we two
    And don’t you know
    I would move heaven and earth
    To be together forever with you!

  5. cokeforbreakfast

    oh goodness, you just rick astleyed

    okay we’re on a break!

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