Work in Progress

redoing the room!

work in progress



6 responses to “Work in Progress

  1. u know wad would look good? GRAFFITI!

  2. cokeforbreakfast

    i know right!!! wah you read my mind. i’m thinking stencil art/ghetto large print plotter style posters.

  3. you did it! the central table!

  4. SO FUN!!!!!!!!

  5. eh knn.

    1. never link me.
    2. why never talk to meeeee
    3. i lost all my msn contacts. stupid fool. drop me a msg and i’ll add u back.
    4. do my room also leh.
    5. swapped some of my gear for shiny new stuff. can’t wait to tell u about it. =D

    hit me soon, baby.

  6. cokeforbreakfast

    dude! sorry hahaha! eh tell me about your shiny shiny!

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