updates from the laptop

-option explicit-

run, entry, type= _yes. explode= almost_ARRGH/maybe

Hi all, as my owner (the author of this silly but once often updated blog) is taking a much needed mid race break to the submissions i’ll be updating the current work we’re doing. Attached below are results from the past month of   design hardwork processing, they may look futile, often random but trust me these are much delved into.

The owner does not do much (statement = true, always )Mainly i do all the work and play  japanese love ballads bubblegum pop classical italian opera at the same time while my owner drinks coffee and pretends to be busy while he stalks lonely women on facebook. Attached are a section and a render  of the current work in the digital design studio. enjoy, if possible.

Tower with a Section Cut

Daft Punk is playing in this 12+1 Storey Prototype

….oh yeah Daft Punk is playing in this 12+1 storey prototype ( daft punk = awsum)

enjoy the long weekend.

sign_off = end run. wavebhai


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