Submissions x Render x Ironing

Some renders. i love the way vray handles diffuse lighting in models under quasi monte carlo Indirect Illumination mode *geek snort*

Section Cut Joint

Join detailing

Floor Panels

Site Render

Updates from the domestic front

Here’s a tip, when running a 3d rendering software at home, make sure no one’s ironing the clothes. I was reminded of this when halfway through a 3 hour render the whole house went dark and the ground entrance render meant for a large portion of the panel was lost. Death by domestic appliances :(

Good thing it happen right before i called it a night, so i restarted the rendering process and asked if the mum was done with her ironing. I couldn’t sleep after that (its weird when your knocking in less than 4 hours a day during this period, i’m usually perpetually sleepy) and we sat down and watched red cliff 2, and let me just add that  my mum’s a big fan of the movie and she spoiler dropped the entire movie for me. We sat down discussing scheming manipulative chinese overlords and how the hot ladies in chinese history perpetually were the cause of all this mayhem. Its times like this, watching late night movies with your mum at 2am (bad sleeping habits are hereditary), discussing the most random of topics that make the choice of working at home instead of studio the right one.

that and when your mum calls your work the Bird Cage, singapore’s answer to Beijing’s birds nest. heh?

Overal Shot render

gogogo for submissions!


2 responses to “Submissions x Render x Ironing

  1. hahaha i totally agree with the part where u talked about choice between working at home and in school. at home with my mum…. it’s just the best place to be even if you feel like crap :) and go go go for submission! jiayou!

  2. cokeforbreakfast

    thanks geraldine!

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