Non Euclidean Geometry

Margaret Wertheim on the Beautiful Math that Links Coral Reefs, Crochet and Hyperbolic Geometry.
We’ve been discussing such shapes and mathematical forms in studio and these things excites us, Fabricating a hyperbolic structure now seems possible when you figure out how easy crocheting one is.

I’m seriously inspired to design something now. Non euclidean spaces are complex forms created by a very simple rule, architects have always been stuck in euclidean or spherical forms for ages, toyo ito’s taichung opera seems to be moving away from this, dealing with hyperbolas and minimal surfaces, but his methods of fabrication still seems uncomforting. Hyperbolic surfaces and what Margret Wertheim is working on are non flat surfaces where you can find straight lines on, to put simply when architects finally pick on hyperbolic surfaces, form making process will undergo a paradigm shift where organic forms can be rationalised into mathematical rules with straight lines. Structures can be integrated into form, biomimicry hopefully moves away from the forms designers love to copy (often badly) and more towards understanding the geometry that rules natural world. Goodbye crazy formwork and space wasting skeletal structures that hold up the whimsical forms of Frank Gehry, hello efficient cheap and provocative forms.


2 responses to “Non Euclidean Geometry

  1. You may wanna check out Cecil Balmond’s books. He researched on informal patterns of nature and mathematical equations and applied his findings in his works. Superbly fascinating. =)

  2. cokeforbreakfast

    thanks Fel! yeah i love cecil balmonds pursuits too. Him and Matsuro Sasaki are the dudes i really look up to

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