Who says you cannot buy happiness?

During the day, I spend all my time in the office or in the workshop, researching, experimenting, designing, which is super awsum because its what i always wanted to try out seriously. Then at night i devote a good time to dissertations, write ups and personal design issues (screw lecture series!). In between though is when i take a break and run to MUSTAFA and buy a 1987 reproduction Casio AL 180 solar powered watch with digital display.

Thanks to angmoh who pointed out this uber cool watch. Solar power plus retro aluminium/plastic body, as deadly a combi as milk and cereal. Such gadgetry happiness can be found at the basement level of Mustafa for 35 bucks, please also check out their other wonderful retro cool casios and citizen watches. I’m eyeing one with a built in tv remote control next (although i have pretty much quit tv these days)

From Milestones – Watch – Products – CASIO.

This watch will probably last longer than your rolex because its powered by the sun!


8 responses to “Who says you cannot buy happiness?

  1. I used to have one of those remote control ones! When I was in pri sch (:

  2. cokeforbreakfast

    wah lau ultimate jelesi, good thing we weren’t schoolmates

  3. I’m so gonna go geddit this weekend.

  4. cokeforbreakfast

    haha. damn cool. although you must be prepared that it runs out of juice very fast when its not under light. other than that its probably the coolest watch EVER

  5. heng i live so near mustafa. wahaha.

  6. cokeforbreakfast

    fi: next round! we all go, i think Lloyd is damn gian also

  7. haha yeeeaaahhhh. we can even do late night. i mean mustafa is 24hrs isn’t it we should make use of it. haha with prata session maybe.

  8. cokeforbreakfast

    naan, thosai, vadai! and we can do 24hour dimsum too!

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