Casio CFX-40 Scientific Calculator Watch

Unlike your run off the mill casio calculator watches, this baby can solve quadratic equations!

Casio CFX-40 Scientific Calculator Watch via PocketCalculators

Will name first child to person who gets me this (even if its of different sex, hopefully your name is Alex)


5 responses to “Casio CFX-40 Scientific Calculator Watch

  1. paigekepple

    A new watch has been introduced from Casio Watch. Not only will this watch be more shock resistant but it will also be scratch resistant. The new design contains a chronograph and solar dial. Using the latest in technology, the band is made of Titanium and the glass is pure sapphire. There are only about 1,000 available

  2. Buy cheap and low price Casio watches online store. Casio sells watches of all types.

  3. I do have this watch. Bought it in Michigan back in 1986. Still working perfectly. I do not use it much since the keyboard ‘cover’ has a scratch and I do have this little treasure in high esteem.

  4. hi Bopper! Are you fancy to sell it??


    Is a great and design choice for most occasions. Designed from the mathematical designs associated with Art work Deco style, the actual Deco observe indicates brand new, refined fashion.

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