Melbourne = i miss badly

sudden bout of imissmelbournitis

Great Ocean Road

Flower Shop

i hope in 10 years time


Clamms! Fish & Chips

Sleepy Hollow

Foie Gras or Ski Pals?

bob and jimirandom photo of the day #5

the groupies!!!

St Kilda's Pier

St Kilda's Pier


Site Visit

Showers in the Late Afternoon

Sophia And Dan

MELBin50mm: Breathe

We Are Scientist


Happy 21st Soph!

Happy Birthday Soph!

We Are Scientist

Dawn and Jia

Beats and Jia



This City

Eco Houses

@Greenhouse Cafe

Green Refectory

Southern Cross StationMuffins

watching the pipes

Shuxian & Thomas


On Top Of The Jaws Of Death


6 responses to “Melbourne = i miss badly

  1. cokeforbreakfast


  2. lots of awesome pictures you have of melbourne… i shd really visit someday

  3. cokeforbreakfast

    one little journey: yes you should! i’ll tell you all my fav cafes, best coffee ever!

  4. we shall make a return trip here so that we can harass the bejesus out of melvin and sam . :)

  5. cokeforbreakfast

    YAR! wait i need to get $$$$. i read someone bout stuff from order and progress huh. didjoo like strike 4d??

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