Reinventing Liberal Arts

“People will continue and should continue to learn everything there is about one thing or another”

Liz Coleman’s the president of Bennington College, where there are no majors, course requirements and ….wait for it…grades. Liz Coleman proposes a broad well rounded type of education that liberal arts had once been only to be overtaken by the specialization or compartmentalisation of subjects.

“The expert has dethroned the educated generalist to become the sole model of intellectual accomplishments” and expertise has paid the price for our single mindedness. Professionals start knowing more and more about less and less.

Sad to say that the local ideals of education and industry have seem to slip into the ideas of such isolation, equating expertise with adult maturation and the scepticism about  learning more about more as we advance in our education.

On personal note it’s heartening to know that Liz mentions rhetoric and design as subjects promote this worldly ideal of liberal education. Design students are able to look into all subject matters and not deny this intellectual flexibility. Such education is radical and at times difficult and vague but certainly more rewarding to be able to do so.


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