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The Frogmill cnc machine, i love this big ass robot, but like all cool big things they come with big problems too, like the cleaning up.

My pockets are filled with foam (anyone needs foam balls for a bean bag? i have plenty!) and i cough out little balls of white puffy dust. Health concerns aside, hearing it rumble and whirl when the huge thing obeys your mouseclicks, its like “oooooo nice…” *cues in the the starting tune of I’ve Got The Power!* Well that and seeing amazing stuff come out of it / I love that!

DSC_9748 DSC_9573

Then its back to the designboard, working with large models, testing, experimenting, making, lotsa making (i know all this sounds vague, i had to signed a non-disclosure agreement). Then there’s the meetings and discussions with professors and manufacturers, experts in their own rights, wealth of knowledge most architects are too proud to admit they lack in.  So its been great not sitting at the desk all day, cadding toilets or photoshopping condominium perspectives. Somehow, with the little lab and machines mixed in with a spirit of experimenting, figuring out new things and learning all this new stuff has been exhausting but enlightening / I love that!

I hope i get the chance to do more of this soon, i mean like i want to set up a little humble firm on my own, have a huge workshop to play with, build real stuff with cool toys (not paper castles, but that can be structurally stable with the right geometry). I’ve been seriously looking at people like Renzo Piano (Renzo Piano’s Building Workshop), Shigeru Ban (Shigeru Ban’s Paper Chapels) . These are the firms where the bosses get down and dirty with materials and construction, their leaders in their own way, humble craftsman who give good name to the profession / I love that!


A glimpse Renzo Piano’s Building Workshop,
incidently this photo is used on their job applications page

I want to have pencils and measuring tapes stuffed in my pocket, a wireless laptop that can control every machine, a fire kiln, a sound proof room, one wind tunnel, a turntable that pipes music in the office and on fridays we can have dj spin it. A spiral staircase; a full scale skeletal replica of a humpback whale; windmill power supply; Old print maker tools lined up with 3d laser sintering machines. Engineers working with architects, artist working with computer programmers, graphic designers working with technicians. A cafe bistro(laser cooked steaks!), a bookstore, a gallery, a pod like backpackers, a bbq pit, a herb garden with the best carrots and potatoes, opensourced t shirt store. It’ll be in a restored factory preferable rural and triple volume with retractable roofs, triple curved walls that float into a ceiling and float back into the a explosion of stick structres, see thru concrete, self organizing furniture, antique table lamps, t squares, hand gesture controlled modelling tools. oh and two dogs! Pugs! Let me dream/ I love that!

Fantasy aside i really love my job now but boy do i wish there were 48 hours in a day or an ability to not sleep.

/ I would really love that!


2 responses to “Work

  1. The white foam bits are like the herpes of the CNC milling workshop. The image of you with your it all in your hair when i saw you today… what dodgy things have you been doing?

  2. cokeforbreakfast

    the funny thing is that i rushed off work today and met my mum for ramen. I swear i saw some white foam bits in my kara miso soup stock

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