BZZZZZ, originally uploaded by jonolist.

work work, things in the workshop are really exciting now, its starting to look dangerous (=fun) but it sure is tiring working with huge prototypes.

super drained now, can’t wait for the weekend to come again

*in other news, i forgot to remove my mask while i took my morning coffee* win!


3 responses to “BZZZZZ

  1. it’s like from your keyboard…you control the world.

    *click, vacuum off

  2. just make sure the computer doesn’t become smarter than u ala terminator. *shudders*

  3. cokeforbreakfast

    darryl: yar!!! i love that, i still get a kick outta it. next step, VOICE COMMAND!

    huilian: but i lover terminator, i found it damn sad when the t2000 had to dip himself into the molten metal, so poor thing :(

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