Hokkien Umbrella

Rihanna’s Umbrella sung in Hokkien. I love the part where they throw in our own Hokkien umbrella song “JI KI HO SUA” (simply translated as one lone umbrella) into the song and it strangely fits in. I now challenge a DJ (thedickbandit you reading this?) to do an entire remix of it.

kudos to Chestnuts by Stages from Singapore! (proud until heart cry)

thanks to my brother for playing this at home too. ho sua ho sua ho sua eh eh eh eh


One response to “Hokkien Umbrella

  1. wah, awesome! ji ki sio ho sua was xtina’s alarm ringtone every morning when we were bunking in together in london. It will always feel like home as long as there’s the hokkien umbrella!

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