Rinko Kikuchi x Karl Lagerfeld

Rinku Kikuchi was nominated for her non speaking role in Babel playing a deaf teenage girl, now she’s going to act in a film adaptation of Murakami’s Norwegian Wood (sidenote! looking forward to a Murakami film!) and now she does an ad for CHANEL, taken by who else but the Kaiser, Karl Lagerfeld.


(this is for a friend, Uncle Aristos Alexius Chua CC!, who always tells me the most ridiculous of fashion stories, half of which i never believe, the other half i’m still shocked to know is true.) more pics after the jump!

Rinko Kikuchi does Chanel – Pictures – The Insider at The Insider.


4 responses to “Rinko Kikuchi x Karl Lagerfeld

  1. huh, since when were you a murakami fan?? or maybe you’re just a rinko kikuchi fan.

  2. and fuck, i hate norwegian wood.

  3. I want that green jacket

  4. cokeforbreakfast

    dawn: its been awhile lei, since year 2 i think. currently reading “what i talk about when i talk about running”, the boss lent it to me, english version of course

    andrea: i ask rinko for you

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