Punggol (not so) 21

“Punggol is a winning town because it is made of two “score” words.
Pong! (mahjong) and Goal! (football)”


Matilda House

read more about dangerous puddles and abandoned townships after the jump




Matilda House


Matilda House

Matilda House


So we were at Punggol the other day cuz prawn needed to get some dissertation research done. A few years back Punggol was the talk of the town with Punggol 21 being a town of a future with a development plan that incorporated waterfront living and a lively community teaming with activities and an amazing landscape with forestry and infrastructure as one. Fast forward to present times and its still a quiet town/marshland with nothing much going on for it. Seems like Punggol 21 got pangseh-ed revised, ideas were toned down and all that hype kinda died down. Anyway its still a nice place to visit because everything is kinda peaceful here. except for this…

here’s prawn trying to get past a puddle infested with crocodiles and flesh eating bacteria

Dawn Crossing

Dawn Crossing

here’s Thomas and I doing the same thing (photo from prawn’s flickr)



One response to “Punggol (not so) 21

  1. Looks abit like situational test eh.

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