Trabeculae 01

Trabeculae 01 by Australian group Supermanoeuvre. Awesome work! Love their bold explorations and the brilliance behind the form making process.


Trabeculae is the result of reimagining the central atrium office tower. Replacing the traditionnal operation of repetitive extrusion, a heliotropic branching system actively seeks out those areas within the zoning envelope with greatest access to daylight. Forking and swelling in response to varing light conditions, the atrium is thus conceived as a site-specific network that traverses intellintelligently and freely from one facade to another. The atrium becomes the defining element of differentiation within otherwise normative floorplates while maintaining efficient floorscape ratios.
Within the atrium, a second order proliferation of the same system at a finer scale develops a structural meshwork – the trabeculae. The swellings and coagulationsof this topologically free structural network-within-a-network accomodate meeting & function rommes, bridges, and communication strairs as welll as supportng the attriums glazing.

An instantiation of the proto-synthesis algorithm this project embraces the specific heterogeneity of a given scenario and points towards the possibility of architecture speciation.:



Supermanoeuvre via Boiteaoutils


2 responses to “Trabeculae 01

  1. Have I tod you before? that I really like all the plexiglass etchings that Brother Justin does. Very Constant Nieuwenhuys!

  2. cokeforbreakfast

    the brother is delighted, btw their for sale, the ones posted are sold already but more to come!

    wah i had to google Constant whatever his name is, lecools

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