Kuroshio Sea

The first 5 seconds took my breathe away. This is at Okinawa Churaumi Aquarium where it houses Kuroshio Sea, which is the name for The Second Largest Aquarium Tank in the World, how awsum would it be to work there!

Thanks zelciia


7 responses to “Kuroshio Sea

  1. it would be awesome beyond all awesomeness in the world….everyone should, in the words of kungfu panda, be BLINDED BY THE SHEER AWESOMENESS lo…and in the words of barney stinson…it would be…..wait for it, wait for it….LEGENDARY!!!!!

  2. PuaKim Wong

    pek is very excited by fish. BUT SO AM I OMGOMGOMGOMG

  3. another reason to go to okinawa. imagine malacca nua-ness with japanese food.


  4. cokeforbreakfast

    we all need to go buy ourselves some fish

  5. I’ve been there! they have HUGEEEEE sharks in that tank.

  6. indescribable, this is not earth, it’s another planet.

  7. wow. it looked like a single sheet; how do you fabricate such a huge pane of glass, let alone transport it?!

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