Beatle Juice

Would so drink this! Concept design by Marc Valega

via The Adventures of Accordion Guy in the 21st Century.


7 responses to “Beatle Juice

  1. hahahahaha!!!

  2. the names are hilarious! poor paul, apple mccartney, haha..nothing to math his name!

  3. PuaKim Wong

    oooh i just got it.. A-paul mccartney. shit this is funny

  4. WHY DIDN’T I GET IT????!!!! rhyming fail whale.

  5. cokeforbreakfast

    wah even i didn’t get it.

  6. I only took a long time to get it cos of dyslexia…for the longest time… I really saw ringo starrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  7. Dude! I wish I could buy those juice pouches of The Beatles! I would drink it everyday at lunch and at snack time! xD lol i sound like a kindergarten student…i’m in 7th grade…and I love The Beatles! xD

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