MyZeil is one of those shopping centres that look like people have way too much money to spend is an architectural masterpiece realised with the aid of advance fabrication technology.

I think Myzeil stands for “My Style”…you can cringe now


8 storeys and wayyyyy too much glass to play indoor baseball in

… also self collapsing blackhole?

From my Singaporean point of view it looks like  ION crashed into Vivocity it could fit right next to the other architectural masterpieces along our prestigious shopping belt.

Images from  Apfeltalk and Deutsches Architektur-Forum.


5 responses to “MyZeil

  1. Nice what :(

  2. cokeforbreakfast

    haha, okay lah, nice lah, but my construction senses balked a little

  3. Glendabean

    i think, anything more than ion isss alittle bit too much to handle haha.

  4. it is like a big net…. and I am a fish going to be trapped in the net….. i want to swim the other direction

  5. was there last week, great architecture.
    but zeil is just the name of the street and nothing more ;-)

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