Happy Birthday Singapore

I was trying to take a photo of something patriotic but i guess the camera wasn’t in the mood to do it, so here are some videos of the very Singaporean stuff i used to watch as a kid. (click on the jump for more!)n21682395197_7539

First there was Aksi Mat Yo Yo , even though I did not understand Melayu, i watched this everyday!

Youtube link for intro.

Beside the two adults (whom i don’t remember), Aksi Mat YoYo was made up entirely of kids and they used to be sponsered by 2nd chance and Cerisi. Yes kids, clothes from Cerisi was the shit i tell you.

Cartoons aside, I remember lying on the floor belly down after dinner to watch Wheel of Fortune, Pyramid Game, Martin Yen,Far Flung Floyd and some really slow origami show, and just before i knocked out i would catch some current affairs, which back then hosted by some two peeps infront of a paper background,

check out Singapore’s skyline at the background, like phoawr

this was back when the accents weren’t fake and the channel was still called the SBC

and i always thought my dad kinda looked like the guy giving the Chinese News

Then there were the Chinese Dramas. Specifically UNBEATABLES a.k.a SHUANG TIAN ZHI ZUN , which was and probably STILL IS the best show ever.

Every kid back then wanted to do card tricks and compete who could hold the longer stack of mahjong tiles. My dad and aunts took full advantage of this and never packed up their mahjong set, leaving us kids to do the tidying.

ah TV was so much fun back then, it all commercial crap now, with alot of complicated plot twist and really bad acting.

anyhoo Happy National Day Singapore, thanks for the memories

p.s. does anyone remember “Sunday Morning Singapore?


5 responses to “Happy Birthday Singapore

  1. PuaKim Wong

    omg ya… I remember everybody on my school bus doing the staple the card deck together trick so we could do the cool shuffling because of unbeatables.

  2. You are so WRONG…. kids clothes from CHICKY DUCK was da bomb!

  3. the raymond weil clock was so nostalgicool!

  4. oh no i’m so slow but I WORE CHICKY DUCK TOO. oooh…miss my tartan pants.

    I also miss Jin Zhen Tou aka The Golden Pillow, where fann wong made her first debut. hor??

  5. cokeforbreakfast

    okay i never heard of chicky duck too but i bet it has to do with alot PINK.

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