The Shweeb

Pedal powered monorails anyone?

Meet The Shweeb, the world’s first human powered monorail.

The Shweeb – Pedal-Powered Monorail via SpaceInvading


5 responses to “The Shweeb

  1. i’m damn sure i’ll run out of energy and be stuck up there. hiap!

  2. what if the person behind you wants to go faster.

  3. cokeforbreakfast

    the one who asked the first question must make sure the the one who ask the second question goes first!

    the other question i wanna know is, what happens if you fart. notice…. no vents?

  4. easy!

    it makes you want to go faster so you won’t get stuck and the person behind you won’t need to think about wanting to go faster.

  5. wah lao the person behind sure horn me…..dam stress…. worse than driving….

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