Merchandise Street Fighter

Hee hee, Bison lamp is cute

Merchandise Street Fighter via 9gag


4 responses to “Merchandise Street Fighter

  1. haha i love the ryu and ken salt and pepper bottle, the ehonda mug, the dhalsim stuff (i dunno what he is), the guile toothpick container, the vega shaving knife is hilarious!

  2. cokeforbreakfast

    is very clever right? only one i dun get is the red underwear? wtf

  3. haha yah! who’s the red underwear? and the card thing above it i dun understand either. haha. guile’s one is really smart representation. haha.

  4. cokeforbreakfast

    the card one is blanka, it’s suppose to be those prank things you put on your hand to shock them when you do a handshake.

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