Last year i popped in a roll film in the nikon, things happened, and i kinda forgot about it. Well here it is, there’s no deep thought or complex underlying philosophy to it. I think its just a a nice reminder on what makes me happy.  The simple things life  Friends, Family, Food and Film. (alot more after the jump)

First here’s Mum and Dad.





Dawn and Thomas, Punggol

Punngol Shoot

Darryl, at work, the usual


thomas, i call this one: Channeling a fashion runway model lost in stuido


Andrea, Spacemonkey trying to do yoga on a chair





Wei, at Chin Mei Chin, learning how to use a manual fujica SLR, i think this was why i popped this roll of film in the first place.




for those interested, these are taken with a Nikon FM2 on various lenses (50, 24, 35, and a 17-35) and loaded with a Kodak Elitechrome Slide Film (which i really really love using)


3 responses to “Film

  1. yea tt’s why i have a flexible spine……. I will be able to do warrior 3 pose…. soon….(whatever tt is)

  2. wow where do you get the kodak elitechrome slide film? it should be able to load it on my nikon em huh. haha.

  3. cokeforbreakfast

    andrea: warrior three pose, that sounds damn familiar. anyhoo yes, your flexible spine is as flexible as my flexible tummeh.

    fi: haha i don’t remember where i got it, i think hongkong or ruby photo in peninsula plaza singapore. I have a bunch of film with me i wanna try. and yeah you can load it in. i also recommend fuji velvia s.

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