not necessarily taken during breakfast

1st Sept 2009

left out the random musing that came along with this photo, if your mildly bored you can read it after the jump.

I konked out for 11 hours after a good run last night. It’s now disgustingly late and raining :)

i guess for the late afternoon, i’ll try to finish up a chapter of my dissertation, sort out my thesis proposal and tidy up my table.

After all the that i just want to sit by the balcony with a sandwich and watch the drizzle.

This year’s been mighty busy, i’ve probably lost some things and never realise how everything, myself including have changed so significantly. I owe myself some long overdue self reflection on the impermanence on everything i had once established as constant.

“I somehow see what’s beautiful in things that are ephemeral”

Woke up with these lyrics from “I Though I Saw Your Face Today”


btw this breakfast? it’s quite tasty!
Carrefour’s Croq Muesli on milk.


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