Panasonic GF1

ooooo, yes please

DMC-GF1C-K – Lumix Digital Cameras

Lately I’ve been entertaining the thought of getting a smaller camera so i won’t have to lug around the dslr everwhere i go.  2009 has seen an onslaught on beautiful and functional micro 4/3 cameras with interchangeable lenses. First there was the anniversary release of a digital Olympus Pen and now we have a Panasonic GF1. I heard rumors that Leica is coming up with something similar on 09092009, dear camera makers. my paycheck is waiting.


4 responses to “Panasonic GF1

  1. help! too many wants, i can’t catch up

  2. cokeforbreakfast

    OMG i know right! although i am thinking of getting an LX3, something smaller to bring along everywhere

  3. i am the opp – keep thinking of getting a SLR. But the weight(& size) is stopping me, i am one strengthless lass. So maybe this GF1 will be a good option.

    LX3 is really good for a compact size camera. Go for it.

  4. cokeforbreakfast

    haha yes. although i did try the olympus EP1 and it was quite heavy too. like a d50 with a 50mm lense. but its nice and compact with a solid feel, AND LOOKS REALLY GOOD.

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