The Clash

I’m trying out this thing called classic rock thursdays. So here goes the first post

The Clash

(image via more things)

every once in a while i wake up to this song stuck in my head.

more music videos after the jump

and their punk cover of a classic Bobby Fuller song – I Fought The Law

i wonder why supermarkets don’t play this song, every supermarket needs to play this song


2 responses to “The Clash

  1. dude. THE CLASH IS NOT CLASSIC ROCKKKKK. you can’t put classify the band together with Firehouse okay. they’re more like brit punk rock. *disappointments* Anyway, I had a crush on Paul Simonon and his chipped tooth in JC. haha!

  2. cokeforbreakfast

    eeee firehouse. but i wanted something broad mah, and punk was like the norm then. maybe i’ll just say Rock Thursdays. But all the future rock thursday will be EPIC bands, so its okay i won;t throw firehouse in. maybe micheal learns to rock but no firehouse.

    by the by the other one is Electro Sundays.

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