Presentation x Continuous Surface

Continuous Surface x TOWER

Some slides from yesterday’s thesis presentation. More images after the jump.

Its the mid way point of my thesis project and yesterday was the chance for Digital Fabrication Thesis Studio to present our current explorations and design processes. The panel gave a varied set of comments, it was good to run through the project with non tech based tutors from the urban and theory fields. Some questions were cast on the viability on the use of digital tools implemented, which was expected when one presents anything relatively new in design technology . All in all the critique was quite a confidence booster.

Continuous Surface X Sequence

As a personal quest to distill ones communication techniques, i culled a large amount of detail since i figured that majority of the panel (the larger the more true) lose interest in the numbers game early on, therefore providing self explanatory images (or models) became a more powerful way to communicate your ideas rather than information overloading your audience.

Circulation x Continuous Surface

Relating new processes with traditional linear strategies in design became a strategy itself to bring forward alternative ideas

Continuous Surface x Breakdown

Part to Whole

Variation +Scale x Tower + Complex

Using a projector to blow up close up perspectives also gives one an advantage compared to the usual printed media. (As you can tell, i’m all for using technology to help)

Close Up x Continuous Tower

COMPLEX X Continuous Surface

Another aspect to the design were physical models, which were effective in giving the panel a sense of scale and space but also suggestive ideas on fabrication. 30-40 percent of the presentation went into giving a run down on the fabrication process of the models (which one inherently spends alot of time on whatever the architectural issue is, so you might as well display your effort)

Doubleside CNC x Continuous Surface

also for a self confessed tech nut, it became a conscious effort not to overwhelm your panel with too much tech terminology, although lightly sprinkling some wordy terms like “finite element method linear static stress analysis ” threads the line between impressive and confusing.

FEA x Tower

10 Floor x Tower x Continuous Surface

All in all , there was positive feedback on moving to the next stage. Its been a long tiring month, but it was worth it. I’m quite excited now and after a short break its time to follow through with one’s ideas.  Execution and finishing is often much harder than the initial idea but always much more fulfilling as an end result.

On to the next stage of thesis work!


One response to “Presentation x Continuous Surface

  1. amazing man!
    cant imagine how to modeling like this!
    i really like the transform movement.
    keep it up :D

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