Tau Fu Fa

Tau Hu Fa

This is Tau Fu Fa.
Best ever dessert tofu i ever had, its simple, its hardcore, its street, and its redonkulously sweet.

The is how i roll, this is the way i like my desserts.
Let me explain (more after the jump)

Located under Hongkong Central’s mid level escalators in what seems to be a make shift shop selling newspapers and cigarettes is a man hawking two huge metal buckets filled with the softest tofu ever.
1. Dodgy place in a urban setting= Ambience CHECK!
At 5 HKD a bowl, you get your money’s worth with free flow of orange sugar, which is the only way how tau hu fa should be served.
2. No nonsense full on simplicity CHECK!
With your polystyrene bowl and plastic spoon you sit under the whirl of escalators and the clanks from  the high heels of hongkong’s busy white collars. Thanks to hongkong’s civic planners your seat is a ledge, fully furnished with  scrap cardboard.
3. Clever seating arrangements and city background music instead of bad elevator music CHECK!
Food this simple and this street is hard to come by these days.
Thank goodness this is still around (and of course @dubdew and bunny for bringing me here :)

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