Thambi K Seaow

I bring to you Singapore’s very own Thambi-K-Seaow. It’s rare that the blog feature indian bands (for the mere reason that i don’t understand tamil or hindi, this i say with much regret), but these 4 dudes deserve some attention because this nation needs more mad rockers who do crazy lyrics, AND they sing stuff i get! hey!

I bring to you Thambi K Seaow circa 2008

please do check out their my space THAMBI K SEAOW (go listen to Bah Kwa War CCB demo! its gonna be a non-national anthem i tell you!)

I love TKS because i Gangster ! and their releasing a new Album this Saturday!


2 responses to “Thambi K Seaow

  1. Hey man thanks so much for enjoying our band and thanks for sharing with the world!!

    Have you got our CD yet?
    Its AWESOME!!

  2. cokeforbreakfast

    WASSSUP DUDES! will get the CD soon (i dun pirate ah)

    congrats on the album release. you guys rock

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