Oh Random

start of a new week


Oatmeal Squares

just a few more weeks to go!


6 responses to “Oh Random

  1. why do u sound happy that there is just a few more weeks to go??? Dreading these few weeks… PANIC MANIC Monday

  2. SO CUTE!
    breakfast makes me happy :D

  3. u really can’t live without a laptop can u?? haha. even breakfast u must have ur laptop

  4. i love your cereal shots! haha. pls post more!

  5. cokeforbreakfast

    monkey: its just another manic monday….sunday….

    sugarxnspice: it sure does!

    liannail: eh eh eh, you know me too well, laptop and me will never part (until the new latest model comes out)

    b: okay! will do! when i don’t have to go to school or work which, is rare these days…sad :(

  6. Rivertrekker

    The first picture cracked me up! I love to laugh.

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