The Raveonettes

Sune Rose Wagner and Sharin Foo make up danish alt rock band The Raveonettes. I love the crazy range of sounds they use. Also Sharin Foo totally floats my boat.

First up, Love in a Trashcan

The Great Love Sound

Just caught this new animation on the Coachella website (IWANNAGO!), amazing stuff

Heart of Stone

hope you enjoyed the ear candy :)


3 responses to “The Raveonettes

  1. verbalfireflies

    I can’t help but notice how freaking shiny her hair is…..

  2. istalkyoujonathanlin

    i like you.
    do you like me?

  3. cokeforbreakfast

    verbalfireflies: YES! too shiny, I LIKE! it’s amazing, she hot

    HELLO STALKER! i want to like you but i dunnoe who you are heh ;P

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