My brother and i live and work under the same roof.  You can call what we do as “Making Things”, a very generous category that fits his endeavors in art and mine in architecture and whatever else it is that we do.

We wish we had more space around the house but the twisted logic of apartment living dictates that “…there is never enough space”. We keep things compact and embrace our untidyness, doubledeck beds are a godsend because it frees up more space for a larger desk (for larger books to pile on), unused items are boxed up and vacuum sealers for clothes do significantly free up real estate. (more after the jump)

hanging stuff has become a necessity in the house, if you took all our hooks down, the wall would look like a bullet ridden war torn alleyway.

The Brother

Ikea’s Tertial Work Lamp comes in really handy when we have to pull long hours (we have three around the house and we wish we got more!)

The Brothers work in progess

Music around the house consist of synth, folk, electro, shoegaze, beatles, bob marley, old rock, new rock, classical and (we could go on and on here but you kinda get the point that we listen to anything)…yadda yadda… and of course japanese bubblegum pop

Model white





so here’s our home/work area. We get alot done (and very little at the same time) living here. What we really want now is a coffee machine and of course more space for it :)


3 responses to “home/work

  1. nice nice…. i wants a delonghi

  2. cokeforbreakfast

    delonghi what? mixer ah?

  3. pump expresso and coffee maker….
    errr only like 2k hahahhaa

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