Onigiri Grin


The xx

The xx

a great concert indeed

Bear Pond Espresso

No 8. Bear Pond

Coffee Cup

No 8 Bear Pond on the Corner

L holding a latte from no8. bear pond espresso in Shibuya, it was great luck our hotel was 5 mins away from it.

Yakitori in Shinjuku

Pretty Good Yakitori joint in Shinjuku Tokyo

The chefs are a husband and wife team with a passion for golf!

Yakitori Chef



Grilled clams


Gindaco Tacoyaki, originally uploaded by jonolist.

with beer and hot potato

Acorn x Yoyogi Park

L x Acorn, originally uploaded by jonolist.

Bento Picnic

What She Had

Bento Picnic
Bento Picnic

What I Had
Bento Picnic
Bento Picnic