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New York

NYC, NY, May 2014


Melaka x Holidays

Melaka, originally uploaded by jonolist.

people everywhere, good fun though, had too much to eat, which is a good thing for the holidays.

Dim Sum


Carrot Cake

Tau Fu Fa

Tau Hu Fa

This is Tau Fu Fa.
Best ever dessert tofu i ever had, its simple, its hardcore, its street, and its redonkulously sweet.

The is how i roll, this is the way i like my desserts.
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Scratching the Surface

This dude didn’t just spray paint, he carved and drilled a piece of art! amazing!

by VHILS aka Alexandre Farto

check out how he does it!

View more amazing works by VHILS Scatching the Surface (Thanks Huilian!)

Fresh From The Street

Incredible work by Melbourne’s own graffiti artist, happyone

Many of happyone’s work combine cheerful imagery with subtle hints of gloom. Witty with a serious message to say, the works are found at various scales in and around Melbourne’s walls, alleys and pavements. Happyone’s works can also be found in galleries and and books.

Street Art & The War On Terror has published a few of his works, one of which features on the front cover.